Olympic Month

Well it’s been a fantastic few weeks working on the Olympics and meeting friends old and new.


I must have been very good in previous life because my last minute move by the powers that be to a new venue has really been a fortunate one.


Originally Camera Corps had me based at the Excel centre, I had settled into this idea although many of the sports here are not really my thing (Fencing, boxing, Judo) and also the thought of working inside a dull exhibition centre for 28 days was not really filling me with joy.   At the final hour Debbie from Camera Corps called me with news good and bad.


Bad news was they had cut my days, 8 days less work, good news they had moved me to Beach Volleyball!

Now I’ve never really paid Beach Volleyball much attention either but it has its obvious advantages along with a daily sprinkling of dancing girls!


Working on this smaller venue with a small team has been fantastic, the red tape and issues associated with larger Olympic venues are greatly reduced and there are much fewer people to deal with.  At this venue we have a 7 meter jib, a Hi-Low platform, a commentary camera, a VHR remote head, 2 Camera corps Q-Balls, a Toschiba IK-HD1 minicam and a beauty cam which is a Hitachi DKH camera in a weatherproof housing.  Not tons of kit but not one of the camera positions or rigging was straight forward, I won’t bore you with the details!


The venue is just amazing, a temporary stadium nestled between The Mall, Downing Street, Whitehall and St James park right on horse guards parade.  From the stands you can see the london eye, big ben and the rest of the Westminster skyline.


The atmosphere at the Beach Volleyball has been just amazing, the crowd really get involved and the commentary team, the DJ’s and the dancers really make sure there is never a quiet moment.


More to follow from Horse Guards Parade…

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