The Guild of Television Cameramen

GTC Awards 2012


I have always kept up to speed on The Guild of Television Cameramen’s events and awards as my father is one of the very early members he has always passes on his copy of “Zerb” once he has finished with it.


The magazine is a great read, there are always articles on technology and shoots relevant to current projects and it’s always interesting to read articles written by people you have know for years but maybe don’t see as often as you should.


The GTC also does a great job of bringing together industry professionals and providing it’s members with a forum to learn and pass on information.


I was recently invited to join and as it’s been on my mental list of things to do for some time I decided to do it. I was quite surprised to be told that Dad and I are the first father son members of the GTC, I thought nepotism was rife in the TV industry, maybe not so!

As a member I was invited to attend the AGM, workshops and Awards this weekend in Birmingham. Although I was not able to attend all the things they had planned I was able to make the awards and the dinner dance after.


The Event and the GTC itself have many sponsors in the industry, most noticeable is “Vitec Videocom” who not only own Vinten but have recently bought “Camera Corps”. It was great to see Bill Vinten at the awards, 90 years young, still supporting the GTC after nearly 40 years of involvement.


Bill Vinten was awarded in 2010 the most prestigious GTC award the “TiCA” award. It was not the first time the name Vinten has been etched on the award as William Vinten collected the first GTC award in 1974 for the “Fulmar Pedestal”. You can read more about the history of Vinten here:


The TiCA is awarded to an individual who has furthered the cause of the GTC by fostering and improving the art and craft of the professional television cameraman over many years.


The previous role call of TiCA winners is pretty impressive, Barry Dodd, John Brennan, Ron Green, Clive Lovell and Sir David Attenborough to name just a few.


Now to be honest I did know Dad was going to be awarded something on the night, I had no idea it was the TiCA! As time went on and on and the table of awards was depleted, some choosing to make a short speech and others choosing to take the award and scuttle off to admire their prize I started to wonder if someone had got it wrong and he was not going to get one at all!


So they came to the final award, the TiCA, and they moved quickly on and suddenly they were playing a short video of some of dads early work including, Z-Cars, Doctor Who, top of the pops and Tales of the unexpected along with a few shots of him in his finest flares and bushy 1970′s beards.


It was very funny and when it ended there were rapturous applause from the audience.


Dad made a short speech and credited lots of people including previous award winner Ron Green who was his camera supervisor at the BBC in the early days.


Safe to say the award will be taking pride of place in the Greenway household and I was very privileged and proud to be there to see Dad receive the award.


The dinner afterwards was very relaxed and informal and good chance to meet and chat to all the people we hadn’t met earlier in the day.

Lots of people keen to see dad’s award and the first father and son members and many interested to hear more about what I do, all the different minicams and remote cameras available, and what I do day to day.


It was a great weekend, disappointed with myself for not getting more involved with the GTC earlier on in my career but it would be safe to say I will be more involved from now on.





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