What a day “2day” was.

What a day “2day” was.

A pretty tricky late night rig of 6 x Sony BRC H700 cameras in BBC Radio 2 studios whilst the studios were live was rewarded with a fantastic intimate days filming the following day.


I have worked at Radio 2 before filming bands in the live lounge with Jo Wiley. It’s always so relaxed and low pressure in there, be happily set up and having a cuppa, chatting to someone and then all of a sudden the band pick up their instruments, launch into song and you remember why you’re there!


The first band up were The Musgraves who played one of there own tunes, Comfortable Shoes, and then did a great cover of I Need A Dollar, what a fantastic tight group, they really set the whole tone for the rest of the day.


Throughout the day we saw appearances from Dave Pearce, Clare Teal, Steve Lamacq, Kelly Jones, Damon Albarn, David Rodigan, Richard Hawley, JD McPherson, Huey Morgan, Will Young and of course we have to give a mention to Sir Terry Wogan.


Most memorable for me were the performances from Paloma Faith and Carol Decker. Before her first track, Paloma was relaxed and joking around with her manager/agent and a couple of people from Radio 2, in the background her two backing singers in 7” heals and short skirts were pretending to be robots, trying to shake each others hands and drink tea all jerky and weird nearly tripping over the cables and mess on the live lounge floor. It’s and image that will stay with me and always make me smile.


As for Carol Decker, well she certainly looks a little older than when China In Your Hand was first released… I am sure we all do! When it was released it was a school-disco favourite, not a favourite of mine at the time I have to say, but having seen her bang out that song with just her guitarist to assist her, I’ve got to say – she’s still got it!


All the artists and Radio 2 DJ’s were on great form all day, it was a really unique intimate atmosphere and this really came across in the broadcast.


The day didn’t go without a few hiccups, including the audio feed for our web stream being pulled from the patch panel by BBC engineers on three separate occasions, even with a big sign on it saying “LIVE STREAM AUDIO, DO NOT TOUCH”


It was a real pleasure working with everyone at Radio 2 and the BBC digital/online guys and I look forward to doing it all again soon.

The footage is on the BBC website for the next 5 days then on a file sharing website somewhere else!


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