Busy Busy April

Its been a very busy few weeks with one thing and another.

We rigged the Premier League Poker in Vienna at the end of March and it only got de-rigged last night after the final tournament which had been a 48hr poker marathon!  It was an epic shoot, thankfully for my own sanity I decided to split the job so I did the first 6 days then someone came out to take over from me for the next 10 days of filming.  All the kit behaved itself although it was very hot and smoky in the casino so the temperature inside the TV table was much hotter than we are used to but the Sony BRC H700′s worked faultlessly throughout.  Although it was an epic shoot, making over 30 1 hour programs for Sky there were some pretty interesting goings on, most memorable was when one player put over 60,000 euro into the pot, to call the other player, the other player showed his cards and the player who had just called thought he had a worse hand and folded his cards!  Just goes to show even poker players get tired not just the crew!

This month our Bradley Engineering remote camera kits has been very busy, filming Million Pound Drop every weekend and we also filmed an Orchestra in Westminster Central Hall.  Titanic Requiem was a massive shoot with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and above the orchestra there was huge screen on which was meant to be holographic images in time with the music, however when we turned up we were told that there had been problems with the truss holding the screen.  One of the motors had failed and one corner of the truss had come down and ended up resting on top of one of the priceless chandeliers.  Overnight the riggers had come in and fixed the problem and secured the truss, however the hologram projectionist had not had enough time to program and set up the equipment to the new position and needed another 12 hours to get set up.  The end result was that the whole lot came down and there was no centre piece, no holograms and no screen.  The show went on anyway and our little cameras were scattered amongst the orchestra and provided great close up shots of the woodwind, brass, choir and conductor.

And finally on the Million Pound Drop last night a nice young couple won a nice £125,000, it had been a bit of a long run since anyone has won a decent amount, some really stupid contestants, some people who just mis-read the questions and then some nasty questions.  However Stuart and Karen broke the current bad run of luck and walked way with a whopping £125,000, the money clearly meant a lot to them and Karen was speechless at the end of the game, needless to say everyone on the production team were really pleased for them.

Thats all for now, not had time to mention the new motoring show I have started filming, save that for next time, still not fully sold on the Sky F1 coverage, it’s bloody good but I do miss DC, EJ and Jake having a bit of banter in the pits!

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