March Already!

It’s the 2 March already, can’t believe how quickly this year is going.


It’s been a great start to the year with lots of work from clients old and new and lots of bookings coming in for the summer months.


This week we are on the Bank Job again, I was told the viewing figures for last week were OK but not great, there were a few technical problems with the questions system and a few stumbles by Goerge Lamb the presenter but on the whole the show looked great and our Bradley Engineering system of 4 cameras worked faultlessly throughout.

Lets see how things go tonight, we have a different director, new contestants, fingers crossed for an exciting show.


Earlier this week I was working with a fantastic little crew filming a press day for the new McLarren road car.

It’s the 4th of these press days we have done, press are flown in from around the world to have a tour of the factory then they get to drive 3 different MP4-12C cars.  I have 4 Sony HXR MC1 minicams rigged as in car cameras, at the end of the day each member of the press gets a hard drive with all their in car footage on along with interviews with the car designers, Ron Dennis, Jenson Button etc and beautiful stills shots of all the cars.


Thats all for now, post again soon



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