Had a fantastic Goodwood FOS.

The program has gone out now but think it will be on again at the following times:

Tuesday 12th July 20.00   ITV4

Saturday 16th July 16:30  ITV4

Sunday 17th July post-02:30 ITV1

Sunday 7th August 18:00  ITV4

It will also be shown on “Sky Anytime” from now until whenever!

Shortly after the FOS I found myself back at Goodwood rigging all the in car cameras for a Channel 4 Audi R8 challenge.  Incredible cars, only usually see them being driven by rich bankers and posers on the kings road.  With a real race driver at the wheel they really do shift, I was scared when I got taken round, testing the minicams obviously, I didn’t get any pleasure out of it at all, tyre squealing four wheel drift, entering corners at 100mph, throwing down through gears at the final second, I doubt any of the bankers ever drive them like that.


Meanwhile back in the real world I’ve had all the Bradley Engineering BE HD10 cameras out on various reality/comedy shows using the night vision function in low light.  Not really had any reason to use this before but it works really well and is great for the classic “big Brother” style shot of house at night or the scary haunted house at night.

Both systems went out with Nano Flash recorders and a pile of CF cards, despite all the new tape less systems the nano flash still seems to be king in my world, for the moment anyway.



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