Monte Carlo or bust

We didn’t have “Monte Carlo or bust” daubed on the back of an old car and the trip couldn’t have been much further from the 1969 film, but we were en route from Surrey to Monte Carlo.

It’s been a real boys week! It all started bright and breezy on a Monday morning in Guildford with five super cars, 10 journalists, a bundle of media crew and some stunning locations to follow.

The car we were travelling in ourselves was also pretty impressive – an AMG E class Mercedes estate, driven by our very own tamed racing driver. Some say he doesn’t eat dessert because it makes him grumpy, we say “thank you Matty” for getting us there safely and without any mishaps.

The Guild of Television Cameramen

GTC Awards 2012


I have always kept up to speed on The Guild of Television Cameramen’s events and awards as my father is one of the very early members he has always passes on his copy of “Zerb” once he has finished with it.


The magazine is a great read, there are always articles on technology and shoots relevant to current projects and it’s always interesting to read articles written by people you have know for years but maybe don’t see as often as you should.


What a day “2day” was.

What a day “2day” was.

A pretty tricky late night rig of 6 x Sony BRC H700 cameras in BBC Radio 2 studios whilst the studios were live was rewarded with a fantastic intimate days filming the following day.


I have worked at Radio 2 before filming bands in the live lounge with Jo Wiley. It’s always so relaxed and low pressure in there, be happily set up and having a cuppa, chatting to someone and then all of a sudden the band pick up their instruments, launch into song and you remember why you’re there!